Goodbye old website, dear friend

It had pizzaz

It had pizzaz

Today I say goodbye to an old friend…. my former website.  While I immensely enjoyed my time with my former website (whom I’ll refer to as Sheila for the sake of this post), she had become old and tired.

Sheila was once voted Dreamhost site of the month (August 2005), but I fell in love with her long before then, when she was just a figment of my imagination in the sweaty summer of 2003.

Alas, Sheila could not keep up with the times.  Some called her “unhip”, “unstylish”, and “outdated”, when I stood by her side and saw her best qualities.  Then came a new friend, Google, who tried to work with Sheila on many projects, but they would not always click together…. when in fact, I was hoping for many clicks.  Sheila was also hard on the eyes.  She kept showing off videos that were 4 years old to potential customers, which often turned them off.  She would also never talk about recent news, instead referring only to her outdated videos that she enjoyed so much.

So to Sheila I said today, “We had some good times, you and me.  But you know, tastes change, Sheila.  It’s not you, it’s me…. but really it’s you.  I need something new in my life, and we need to part ways.  Again… it’s you.”

And with that, Sheila was thrown in the ol’ FTP trash bin (as well as backed up and archived for historical reasons).  I shall miss you, Sheila.  However, I think Barbara will help me to forget…..

The irony in this post is that I’m a wedding videographer, indicating some sort of divorce.  Had I made a video of my relationship to my website, our relationship might not have ended!