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Barack Obama on Youtube

Barack Obama on Youtube

Today, it was announced that President-Elect Barack Obama would be using YouTube for weekly addresses to the American public. Here is the story from the Mercury News.

This is, in my mind, a terrific form of communication evolution, and something I have been promoting for years with my business within the corporate video sector. In fact, we have been producing quarterly corporate video updates for some businesses as far back as 1996, before we were even officially in business! Here is a sample of an ATMI quarterly report from a few years ago that was used to keep the employees of the company abreast of business operations (this is a 20 minute video, you will probably just want to skip around in it).

Click on the picture to play the video:

When you are trying to keep thousands of employees in many countries up to date on the operations of the company, then video is an excellent medium to spread the word in a convenient form.

What bigger company do we have than the United States of America? Which is why I applaud Obama for making the move to weekly updates of public addresses, and other pieces which he plans to include, such as policy talk with head administration officials. This will bring the discussion of politics and life to a larger forefront in our society, and will hopefully even enlighten a few people on multiple sides of a political argument.

These types of videos are not only convenient for large countries and large companies, but for small businesses, niche stores, even families who want to send vlog posts to each other. Think about it, instead of wasting a bunch of paper this year on your holiday cards, how about a message via video to update friends about your family and send holiday wishes? Inexpensive, green, and creative!

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