Marketing on the Cheap

SlimVia Video Still

In this recession, we have actually had a lot of customers come forth to expand their marketing efforts. What better way to do that than add a video to their website and make it “viral” as well? After all, the businesses that thrive are ones that choose to expand marketing efforts rather than layoff employees.

Of course, it is STILL a recession, and many of the companies approaching me want something on the inexpensive side. While we are not big fans of doing work that does not utilize all of our skills, we are often happy to oblige, if nothing more than for a new customer relationship in the future. Often, the project turns out well anyway, and the client comes back to us later to get a higher end video.

A good example of doing something effective, yet under a budget, was a recent customer in SlimVia. SlimVia is a new weight-loss supplement that is battling competitors such as Hydroxycut and Alli. It seems that the SlimVia edge is that it has no side effects.

The client asked us for some simple green-screen work, and they would edit the final product. While I don’t usually like doing camerawork that we don’t get to polish, we agreed and were in and out of the actors house within a couple of hours.

While I would have edited the footage a little differently, it came out nice and effective as an introduction to the client’s site:

This was all done for a small amount of work, and they will be able to promote it through sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.  How about your site?  Could you benefit from an introductory video as well?  Give us a call!