Dancin’ On The Avenue 2009

Every year, downtown Willow Glen hosts a big party called Dancin’ On The Avenue. They block off the street for three stages where bands and acts come to perform, and revelers dance everywhere. Well it so happens that The Last Cut has it’s office across from the main stage, and a balcony to boot!

Every year at Dancin’ On The Avenue, we hold a little party for friends, family, and clients to come on up and take a load off. It especially is fun to people watch from the balcony. I happened to take my camera out for a grand total of 5 minutes for the whole night to shoot some video. This was around the time when the office was filled with everyone’s kids, so it’s not the most accurate description of the night, but you get to see some of the action anyway. Enjoy!

Dancin’ On The Avenue 2009 from Ted Banucci on Vimeo.

BTW- The song is called “1901” by the band Phoenix