Digital Signage Content

The Last Cut has been creating digital signage content for the past year, and recently, for universities across the USA.

What exactly is digital signage content you ask? Well, if you have ever been to a grocery store or mall, and have seen a television or even one placed sideways, then that is referred to as “digital signage”.  It’s like a billboard with moving video on it, pretty cool!  And we are producing the video content that plays on those types of screens.  This content varies from information to advertisements.

In the case of our latest project at the University of Santa Clara, we are creating content which promotes the multiple uses of their student ID cards.  These ID cards have an RFID chip in them, which makes their applications limitless. Right now, the students can use the cards to get coupons by our signage, and even use the IDs to pay for things.

Here is our recent demo that shows off some of the content we created, enjoy!