Graphic Effects

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I’m a big proponent of new features to shows and innovation, however, sometimes, I just can’t wrap my head around the usefulness of some ideas. For example, the 10 yard line innovation in football- amazing and useful for the football fan. Even more so, the way it operates is incredible.

The glowing hockey puck…. well… I didn’t hate it, but it kind of made hockey look too much like a video game. With HD, it’s now essentially useless because the puck is really much easier to see on the screen as compared to when SD video was what we were watching.

Now comes the latest, the ESPN ball tracker, which was introduced during the home run contest tonight. I’m still thinking about why someone would even come up with this idea, store it in the “what were they thinking” folder. If you did not see the homerun contest, there is basically a yellow streak that follows the ball (this is all in real-time). When it is determined that the ball will go out for a home run, the streak turns green.

I’m flabbergasted. We can’t wait an extra 1.5 seconds to see if the ball is a homerun or not? Add to the fact that half the time, this incredible technology was not working or being used. If you intend to use something, then use it!

Sometimes technology can really help us out. This is one of those times when the money that went into this should have been put into something better, like giving Adriana Monsalve overtime pay for more SportsCenter appearances.