Training Video To Reduce Accidents

The Last Cut was fortunate enough to assist PECO Pallet with the creation of a safety video in the handling of their pallets.

Articulate Solutions, contracted The Last Cut to assist PECO Pallet. PECO Pallet wanted to hear how The Last Cut could help solve pallet damage issues through an instructional video. The Last Cut created a script from the most common ways that pallets were being damaged and attacked solving pallet breakage by educating the end-users about safely handling pallets. The video was sent out to their entire customer base, and was even used as a promotional piece on their site.

The resulting video was a large success, saving PECO Pallet repair costs, and from having to create fewer new pallets. In addition, they were getting less reports of damaged goods that companies carried on their pallets. Check out the video below:

PECO Pallet Safety Video from Last Cut on Vimeo.